BE NOT ASHAMED Romans 1:16

About Us

Soul Artillery: The art of defending your spirit with the word of God.  The brand created through life's unforeseen pressures caused by the affects of war, cancer, spinal, and mental health struggles.

This series of events sparked a new zeal for God and the Good News of Jesus Christ. Now it's time to share that Good News with the world, the Soul Artillery way. Through the expression of art and scripture, Soul Artillery provides scriptural weaponry to be used in day to day spiritual battles.

Gain strength from God's word so that you can not only endure the spiritual attacks of the enemy but also have some scriptural fire power to launch back.

Soul Artillery, the brand awakening the masses from the deep sleep of conformation and introducing transformation by the renewing of the mind: Romans 12: 1-2

If you're not transforming, you're conforming. Most don't care to hear your problems, because they have their own. Not knowing, we are supposed to share each other's  burdens: Galatians 6:2. 

People are wondering, "what's going on with the kids of today, our society, marriages, politics and ourselves?" People are deciding that their lusts for the world are more important in life than Christ.

Most people that want change don't know where to begin to right the wrongs  Some people would rather hide behind social media, acting like real life isn't happening right in front of them. 

Pretending is a waste of time and effort. Instead of embracing the blessing of a new day, and transforming like it's your last, the choice is made to pretend and conform.

To God be the glory for the blessing of the blood of Christ

Christ or the world? Make your choice wisely. Christ = Transformation. The World = Conformation.

Remove what you thought or heard, and replace that with the facts of His existence.

Soul Artillery - The Spiritually Inspired Apparel Brand.